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me in the Land of Lincoln
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my work desk
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Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is my final blog entry for my internship experience. I will do an update when I return in February since that will be an extension of the internship. I have truly enjoyed myself. I wouldn't mind returning there every once in a while. I learned that I really enjoy doing research and presenting it for others to learn from. So I guess I will start taking the path towards historian. Of course, with a few letters attached. Ok, Dr. Camesha Scruggs, PhD. sounds quite nice. Enough daydreaming. On with the blog.

Monday - Started my final day in Springfield. I went to my last staff meeting. It was kind of sad. I sat through the meeting and started remembering everyone and how I changed throughout this experience. The walks through the park and talking to the rangers and maintenance. Spending time in the visitor center with the volunteers. Talking with Nikia via messenger. A daily "rambling report" with Tim. All of my devices at my work desk along with my workstation. After work events with the rangers. I really will miss everyone. They have made my life richer. I went to my desk and started packing things into a box. All of my research notes, post it notes, and other stuff at my desk. I went around and delivered the last of my thank you notes. I came back to my office to my completed site bulletin. I finished my presentation packets so they could be fedexed out. I ordered another debit/credit card. My boss called me into his office. He gave me a gift bag full of Lincoln home goods. I went to lunch with Nikia. My boss gave me a goodbye hug. I turned in my keys and left the Beedle house/office for the last time. I walked slowly from my office through the site on my way home. I had to remember that I will be back in February. Josh and I went to the mall to find a suit. I have to admit, he was a helpful guy. We did laundry. I came home to pack luggage and things to ship home. Sam came over and helped. I realized that I was actually leaving in a few hours to go to DC for the rest of the week.

Tuesday - Sam took me to the airport. He stayed with me until I had to go through security and get on the plane. Made it to St. Louis for a 3 hour layover. I got on my plane and headed to DC and finally made it. Brandon, a friend of mine from home was there to pick me up. Since I still needed a suit, we headed straight for the mall. The first suit he found fit perfectly and was in the price range I wanted. We left the mall and he showed me his place. We talked about old times. He took me to my hotel and I checked in. The hotel was beautiful! My room mate came and we walked to our intro dinner. The restaurant was cozy. Enjoyed the ambiance. Met the other interns. We were concerned about presentation order for the next day. We finally walked back to the hotel. I caught up with Kevin, a friend from home who went to the same church I did as a kid. We went for drinks and karaoke. Enjoyed it! It was like old times. we drove around and sang at the top of our lungs through DC. I finally made it back and settled in for the night.

Wednesday - Rocking the fly suit, took the metro to the National Park Service headquarters. We got settled and started the day. Went through introductions and started doing our presentations. I was afraid that I didn't follow the format. Everyone in the room got a presentation packet. I have to admit, I did an awesome job on the presentation. I got a lot of good and positive feedback. We went to lunch and networked with various folks that work with the National Park Service. We went to the Frederick Douglass home. It was great to see the home of another great American. There was a contrast between his home and Lincoln's, of course. Another NPS historic home to add to my photo collection. We arrived back at the office and went back to the hotel. I settled in because I was beat.

Thursday - Day 2 of the workshop. We spoke with employees of NPS. They told us of the career options within the organization. A small career day of sorts. We walked over to the Smithsonian.We walked into the museum of the American Indian. The building was beautiful! We had lunch at the museum. I ate my first buffalo burger. I may see this as another meat option. We had a personal tour by the head curator and an intern. The interpretive staff were Native American. They gave a personalized aspect to the tour, which was different from someone who simply researched and recited information. After our tour, I hung out with a few of the interns. we browsed an outdoor black bookstore. It was truly exciting. We took the metro back to the hotel to prepare for the farewell dinner. The Indian restaurant had some great nan and lycees. I have expanded my culinary horizons this year. I will have to do that more when I return back to Houston. After the restaurant, we decided to go out and explore the city for a while. A few of us went to a bar/club. Enjoyed a few drinks and danced the night away at the club in the back. We made it back to the hotel and settled in for a nap before our last day together as a group.

Friday - Another day of workshops. Today was a round table discussion session. Even though the tables were set up in a rectangle. :) Today's topic was about careers outside of National Park Service with people who once worked for or were associated with the National Park Service. Every opportunity was available, from museum curator to adjunct professor, the possibilities seem endless. I met Bob Stanton, first African American and former National Park Service Director. He told us that we have a responsibility to tell the truth. I agreed with that statement wholeheartedly. We discussed that we also have to recruit other brilliant folks like us to do this internship. I was motivated to come back to TSU and try to find a few. We left the workshop and went to lunch at Ceiba, a Latin American restaurant. Then we went to the Newseuem. The entrance was a display of daily newspapers from every state. The museum covered every aspect of the news from radio, print, television, and the internet. There were so many things to see. An FBI 100 year exhibit, a portion of the Berlin Wall, and the news antenna from one the 9/11 twin towers were just a few of the things to see. The entire museum was a great experience. Not to mention, a great view of the capitol building from the 6th floor terrace. Everyone went their separate ways. Corri and I went to dinner and then I headed back to my room to pack and prepare for my flight back home.

Saturday - Got up extra early. Brandon took me to the airport. Just a sweetie pie. Went through the whole ordeal of security. Arrived at my gate just in time to board. Sat next to a couple who said that they should have gotten the first class upgrade when they were checking in. I actually thought about it, but didn't have the extra $100 on me. I plugged myself into my cell phone, listened to Kayne West's "homecoming", read my Essence magazine, and enjoyed my flight to St. Louis. I got off the plane to CNN reporting that Bernie Mac died. I returned calls and texts during my layover. Finally got on the plane headed to Dallas I was so excited! I was on my way back home, or at least to my home state. I finally arrived at DFW. Went shopping and did lunch with my mom, sis, and aunt Diann. Enjoyed it! Finally came home and crashed!

Sunday - Went to Zion, my real home church. My best friend Kevin showed up. It was if we were kids again. I chatted with my senior pastor. He told me, "stay with the ship". That was all the inspiration I needed. I got lots of love from my senior first lady. It was as if they were all proud of me. I got to see people I haven't seen in years. It was kind of like a homecoming. I hung out with a couple of friends. It was a great start to a week of rest

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