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me in the Land of Lincoln
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my work desk
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 3

Still working on the photos. My multipurpose phone died. So, I am working on getting a camera so I can post pics. Also, to the professionals, english teachers, etc. , I am inserting an apology now. I may write the blog in slang until I can add video. Besides, most of you know my vocal/verbal inflections/tendencies. Now, on with the blog entry.

Monday - Another fun filled day of research. Phone calls, emails, and faxes, oh my!

Tuesday - Research. Bonding outing # 3 with my housemate. Laundry day. The stares that we receive are interesting. We are completely mismatched. Me, full figured, fabulous and caramel complexioned. Him, well, the opposite of me. Red haired, freckle faced, and from NY. I realize that debit cards are not always the best option to have. Got cash from an ATM at a no name warehouse liquor store. Broke the $20 with a purchase of bottled water. I understand beverages such as water and soda are not the primary ones made, but $1.75 for a 20 oz. bottle of water?!?! I was a little hurt. Then, this woman cut in front of me in line. How dare she! I guess she was having a serious need for a 40 oz of malt liquor. Interesting. Did my laundry. Returned home and settled in to prepare for the next day.

Wednesday - Lunch at the Governor's Mansion. I looked diva and fabulous. Walking 10 blocks in heels was not cute. It was a good thing that I packed a pair of ballet flats in my bag. There was a group of elderly people (seasoned saints as some may call them). They came to the Lincoln home. Did the tour with a park ranger. I gave a brief talk about my research. I was told that I have a Texas twang. Also, I was told that I remind them of Barbara Jordan when I speak. I understand, I attend her alma mater. But to sound like her? I don't have the authoritative voice that she has. Maybe I speak better than what some may hear other people that look like me sound. Just a theory. I came back to my alcove, did a little more research. Went home, settled in and prepared myself for the next day.

Thursday - I sent out "Happy Juneteenth" text messages. I had expectations about how people in Illinois would celebrate. I'm comfortable with the typical celebration in Texas. A good barbeque with family and friends. I went to the presidential library to wish the director of research (who is like a surrogate mom to me. No offense, Lora Ann) a Happy Juneteenth. I sat in her office and updated her on my research. She said that she may have more information for me. She also told me about the weekend activities that will take place to celebrate. I did a little research. Walked home, settled in and prepared myself for the next day.

Friday - I took my first field trip of sorts. I took the G Ride (government car. a nice G6 disguised as a Chevy Uplander) to the University of Illinois at Springfield. After printing out maps and directions, packing up the purse and laptop, finally got on my way. I got lost. All the streets and highways look the same. I ended up on a winding road with nothing but fields of wheat, corn, or something. (agriculture is not my major nor my ministry) I finally made it out of the back fields and arrived on the campus. The first street I found was Gwendolyn Brooks drive.(history fact: she was named the poet laureate of Illinois from 1968 - 2000) So I felt better. I finally made it to the library. The state archives were on the basement level of the building with 2 or 3 glass door entrances. I felt like I was in a secret agent movie or something. I finally make it to the secret area. The staff was helpful. They told me it was nice to see a researcher going through the archives. That felt nice to be identified as a professional. I came back to the office, went to the public library to review some old newspapers, and ended another work week. My housemate and I went to the video store and rented a couple of movies and had a movie night. He's such a sweetie. I came home and crashed until Saturday morning.

Saturday - I did absolutely nothing. Enjoyed a day of rest. Part 2 of the movie night and a grocery run to stock up on meat and sugary sweets since the FOH fast was over. I found out there were several options that are meatless. I got strength in my walk, which was great.

Sunday - Went back to Abundant Faith! I almost tripped and fell in the parking lot I was so glad to get back into the groove of Godliness I was used to. that would have been so tacky! Their color palette was denim, white, grey, and red. I was loving it! My ensemble for the day was denim and white. I came in during praise and worship. So, I was alright! I was a little concerned. This assignment is not as financially rewarding as my job at home. The experience is far more valuable. I had to tell my worrying self to sit down somewhere. Talked with my mom (my real one of course) and she encouraged me. She told me I still have to "do the work." So, I took a stroll around Springfield, came home, settled in, and prepared for the week.

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