me in the Land of Lincoln

me in the Land of Lincoln
my alleged work face

my work desk

my work desk
my junky work desk where I do my research at the office

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Sorry, been busy with research. Here are a few photos I have captured during my time here. Enjoy!

Row 1(from left to right):

Beedle House - My office. My window is the right corner one. Nice view.

ID Tag - Just so people know that I work for the goverment.

State Capital - It is right outside my office. The church on the left is the Lutheran Church.

Row 2 (from left to right):

Lincoln Home Sign - The sign that directs people to the home.

Lincoln Home - The place that my research centers around.

Row 3

Lincoln Bus - The bus that only tours Abraham Lincoln historical sites.

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