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me in the Land of Lincoln
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my work desk
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 7

Well, I have 2 weeks left in Springfield. The weather is starting to feel like Houston. I know I will miss this mild version in the middle of August. Here's the blog.

Monday - Last day of research. I made final notes and started on my outline for my manuscript. I finally started working on my manuscript. Trying to make it sound as scholarly as possible. This may be the foundation for the remainder of my academic career. I would hate for real history scholars to tear it apart and use it as shipping confetti. This project is like a coming out party for me. I want this work to not only impact the people here in Springfield, but to provide insight to others who come along after me who look into the life of this man named Abraham Lincoln. I want people to walk away from the Lincoln home and say,"I didn't know that until now." I don't want this project to seem like it is lacking. I know, I am really putting too much worry and emphasis into it. Came home, settled in, and prepared myself for the next day.

Tuesday - Went to a lecture about Mary Lincoln as a hostess. It gave me insight into the gracious side of Mary Lincoln. But she still couldn't have done it without hired help. After the lecture, I asked the speaker what her insight was into the hired help. She had nothing. So, my information can pretty much be the standard. So I took a break and went to lunch with Josh and Susan, the park curator. I feel like my passion for history and enthusiasm are my only playing cards when I talk with other historians. I hope that those things remain, but with an enhanced knowledge of the gammut of history. I think that this experience has taught me that the love and enthusiasm is good, but there needs to be more. Josh and I went to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Musuem. I went for the second time. This time, I didn't cry. However, I was being stalked by the security guards. Maybe because I had my bluetooth earpiece and my phone. I was asked to take any calls outside and PDA like devices are not allowed in the exhibit areas. I thought, "ok, what harm could I do?" But I know that they take artisic license and property rights seriously. Obviously, I was on the hitlist. Every other exhibit I went into in the rest of the museum, I was watched. I finally made it home, settled in, and prepared myself for the next day.

Wednesday - Writing the manuscript. I just want to make sure that the information that I present makes sense. I also want to make sure that the information is presented correctly. I am really letting 6 weeks of research get to me when it's time to put it on paper. If I could do just a power point presentation or just talk about it, I would be ok. But, the purpose of the project is to enhance my skills as a historical researcher. Or as a friend of mine said, " to test my chops." So I stayed in my office and stared at the screen for yet another day and eeked out a couple of paragraphs. Went to another archaeology lecture. The lecture this week covered a city named Nicodemus, Kansas. Another city that was instituted by African Americans. There were some amazing paralells between this city and New Philadelphia, the city discussed in last week's lecture. My library mom was at the lecture. She makes me feel like I can do anything and encourages me. While at the lecture, met a interesting young man. I haven't really interacted with anyone that looks like me since I've been here. So, the conversation was engaging. It was nice. Josh and I left the lecture and decided it would be a nice night for ice cream. So, we went to Cold Stone Creamery. It was packed like it was a club. We got some ice cream and talked about our projects and life after this internship. Went home, settled in, and prepared for the next day.

Thursday - After a few wardrobe changes, settled on a full silk dress skirt with a dress shirt and belt. This was press conference day. I was prepared to do or say anything if necessary. Went into work and started writing on my manuscript. I realize that I may be an electronics junkie. On my desk is my workstation, laptop, and my smartphone. Josh pretty much has the same set up. When people stop by our office, they are amazed that the two of us can amass that many electronic devices in one location. I left the office and headed towards the Lincoln home. I walk into the visitor center. I met a young woman who knew of my research work for Rudy Davenport. She said to me, "So you are the one who is the researcher!" That made me feel kinda famous. The same young man from last night was walking towards the home as well. We discussed how last night's lecture was interesting. So we take our seats before the lecture starts.
So I get to sit between him and Rudy Davenport. Pics are taken, but all people see are my skirt and shoes. I also got a pic with Abraham and Mary Lincoln. The press conference was short and sparsely attended. I expected more people, since the topic was Lincoln Bicentennial Activities. Oh well, at least I looked fabulous. Went to lunch with the interesting young man. More engaging and enjoyable conversation. Arrived back to my office, added a paragraph to the manuscript. Went home, settled in, and prepared myself for the next day.

Friday - Spent all day in the office, WRITING! rounding up sources and adding to this... thing. But I have to admit, the denim jeans with the white tunic top and loafers looked so well. even if I just spent all day, in an office, writing. I finally went home and settled, in and prepared myself for another weekend.

Saturday - Another day of staying in and watching television. Watched the Harlem Book Fair coverage on CSPAN with Samuel L Jackson from Dreamgirls. I know, just a nerd acting like an invalid. Enjoyed the company. Stepped out for a while and walked around the city. Settled in for the night.

Sunday - Another great worship service. The fine arts ministry is very innovative. They combined spoken word, mime, and dance. The praise and worship is always uplifting. As usual, I managed to match the Sunday colors at Abundant Faith. Dark rinse denim and shades of brown manage to compliment my skin. I came home, worked on my manuscript some more. I made dinner and conversation with the interesting young man. I stayed up burning the mindnight oil and finally finished my manuspcript. I fell asleep with my face stuck on my keyboard. I finally crawled into bed to prepare myself for the next week.

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