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me in the Land of Lincoln
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 5

I'm now at the halfway point. Divided in my feelings. I miss home. I know that once I leave Springfield, I will miss it. Ok, here's the blog for the week.

Monday- Doing the thing I'm here for. Research. Mondays seem to be my strategizing (yes, I know it is not a real word)days. I review what I've done the previous week, make updates, and try to plan my week of research activities. Prepare my questions for an interview tomorrow. Took my housemate to dinner at Bennigan's since he has never been. We talked about our lives before Springfield. Went home, settled in, and prepared for the next day.

Tuesday - Spent the morning (fill in the blank). Also, avoiding a hives outbreak from my pending afternoon interview. My interview was with Richard Hart, an attorney who researches African Americans in Springfield. His research has helped me greatly in my project. I wanted to look like a competent researcher. My other mom armed me with his research compilations the week prior. Not to mention, a black tweed ensemble (lightweight fabric, of course) helped my case. We chatted about my project. He was impressed with my findings. He provided me with more options for research. He's looking forward to the finished project. I left the interview feeling renewed. Ended my afternoon at the Lincoln Public library. Josh (housemate) and I went to the mall. I was not amazed. I went to the t-mobile so I can lament over the loss of my multipurpose phone and plot on how to get a new one. Stocked up on bath and body works essentials. I already see that I will need a box so I can ship my Springfield goodies, gifts, trinkets, and treasures back home. I just might ship some of my luggage. I'm not trying to give anybody's airline extra money that I don't have. Went into Lane Bryant. Realized that per Lane Bryant's new sizing system, I'm curvy. As if I didn't know that before, but affirmation is always beautiful. the saleslady thought Josh and I were a couple. She was so precious. She asked me if I wanted to model jeans for him. I said no but my mind was thinking, "satan's hometown, NO!" Just because we do things together does not mean that we are a dating couple. Enough ranting about that subject. Came home, settled in, and prepared for the next day.

Wednesday - Watched the final version of the new Lincoln Home Visitor Center film. I think the film introduces the visitor to the site. Not the typical Lincoln grandiose majestic mythical ideal. It introduces the man that lived in Springfield, IL. So, I enjoyed it and it makes Lincoln personal. An Alaskan Children's Choir from Anchorage gave a concert. It was ok. Since I've been here, my sweet tooth has been taken care of. I always manage to get the hook up on baked brownies, cookies, and candy. Springfield is spoiling me. After recovering from a frosted brownie sugar shock coma, I went to the public library and spent quality time with the Sangamon Valley Collection staff. That is my quiet concentration space. I bring my research materials from other parts of the library up there. A library nerd, I know. I came back to my office to shut down and go home. In my mailbox was the photo from the Springfield Race Riots exhibit that I wanted. I was so excited. The photo was taken the day after the black area of town was burned down. People in the photo were looking so lost. It's my inspiration. If historians don't "tell the story" ,we'd have no foundation to build upon. Came home home, settled in, and prepared for the next day.

Thursday - Did a side project a few weeks ago about the Emancipation Proclamation Centennial Project in Illinois. I had a meeting with Rudy Davenport, the man who requested the research. He told me thanks for helping with the project. We talked about the importance of history preservation. He gave the details of the project and the goals he wanted to accomplish by the Lincoln Bicentennial. I realized at that point, I need business cards. If I'm going to do this seriously, I need to have contact information ready and available to distribute. A learning experience, this Springfield thing is. After the conversation, did some more research. Nothing surprising. Left the office a little early by 30 minutes to get a head start on the holiday weekend. walked to the corner store. Accepted the inflation that comes with "convenience stores. Walked into the barbershop and chatted with the fellas. They let me know where the "grown folks" spots were. I was enlightened. Came home, settled in, and prepared to do absolutely nothing for 3 days.

Friday - A "what not to wear marathon", snacks, and a salad. I was perfectly happy. Josh and I made a grocery store run. We came home, watched a little tv and walked down to the state capital to watch the fireworks. It was cute. A 20 minute, frugal, fireworks show. afterwards, we walked home. Came home, settled in, and went to bed.

Saturday - Went (walked) to diner named Sonrise Donuts. Family owned establishment. The food was good. Enjoying the unique establishment in Springfield. I will have to find hidden gems like that in Houston. Josh and I decided that would be a Saturday morning thing until I leave. I caught up on my laundry. Took an afternoon nap. Josh and I drove aimlessly through a couple of counties in Illinois. Never again. I'm tired of looking at corn stalks! After finally getting back on a highway 2 hours later, we made a walmart run. Got frozen custard from Culver's (another form of frozen creamy crack). Josh and I fell asleep while watching a movie. Came home, got in my own bed, and called it a night.

Sunday - Another great worship service at Abundant Faith. I decided to wear green. That didn't match the FOH or AF crews. I was still reveling in my "independence" day weekend through fashion. I came home, cooked dinner, enjoyed an afternoon nap. A great way to spend a Sunday. Watched a little television and prepared for the week.

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